A tourist attraction. In principle any Thing can be a TouristAttraction, from a Mountain and LandmarksOrHistoricalBuildings to a LocalBusiness. This Type can be used on its own to describe a general TouristAttraction, or be used as an additionalType to add tourist attraction properties to any other type. (See examples below)PlaceadditionalProperty, additionalType, address, aggregateRating, alternateName, amenityFeature, availableLanguage, branchCode, containedIn, containedInPlace, containsPlace, description, disambiguatingDescription, event, events, faxNumber, geo, geoContains, geoCoveredBy, geoCovers, geoCrosses, geoDisjoint, geoEquals, geoIntersects, geoOverlaps, geoTouches, geoWithin, globalLocationNumber, hasDriveThroughService, hasMap, identifier, image, isAccessibleForFree, isicV4, latitude, logo, longitude, mainEntityOfPage, map, maps, maximumAttendeeCapacity, name, openingHoursSpecification, photo, photos, potentialAction, publicAccess, review, reviews, sameAs, slogan, smokingAllowed, specialOpeningHoursSpecification, subjectOf, telephone, tourBookingPage, touristType, url