Any offered product or service. For example: a pair of shoes; a concert ticket; the rental of a car; a haircut; or an episode of a TV show streamed online.ThingadditionalProperty, additionalType, aggregateRating, alternateName, audience, award, awards, brand, category, color, depth, description, disambiguatingDescription, gtin, gtin12, gtin13, gtin14, gtin8, hasEnergyConsumptionDetails, hasMeasurement, hasMerchantReturnPolicy, hasProductReturnPolicy, height, identifier, image, inProductGroupWithID, isAccessoryOrSparePartFor, isConsumableFor, isRelatedTo, isSimilarTo, isVariantOf, itemCondition, logo, mainEntityOfPage, manufacturer, material, model, mpn, name, nsn, offers, pattern, potentialAction, productID, productionDate, purchaseDate, releaseDate, review, reviews, sameAs, size, sku, slogan, subjectOf, url, weight, widthIndividualProduct, ProductCollection, ProductGroup, ProductModel, SomeProducts, Vehicle