An offer to transfer some rights to an item or to provide a service ��� for example, an offer to sell tickets to an event, to rent the DVD of a movie, to stream a TV show over the internet, to repair a motorcycle, or to loan a book.

Note: As the businessFunction property, which identifies the form of offer (e.g. sell, lease, repair, dispose), defaults to; an Offer without a defined businessFunction value can be assumed to be an offer to sell.

For GTIN-related fields, see Check Digit calculator and validation guide from GS1.

IntangibleacceptedPaymentMethod, addOn, additionalType, advanceBookingRequirement, aggregateRating, alternateName, areaServed, availability, availabilityEnds, availabilityStarts, availableAtOrFrom, availableDeliveryMethod, businessFunction, category, deliveryLeadTime, description, disambiguatingDescription, eligibleCustomerType, eligibleDuration, eligibleQuantity, eligibleRegion, eligibleTransactionVolume, gtin, gtin12, gtin13, gtin14, gtin8, hasMeasurement, identifier, image, includesObject, ineligibleRegion, inventoryLevel, itemCondition, itemOffered, leaseLength, mainEntityOfPage, mpn, name, offeredBy, potentialAction, price, priceCurrency, priceSpecification, priceValidUntil, review, reviews, sameAs, seller, serialNumber, shippingDetails, sku, subjectOf, url, validFrom, validThrough, warrantyAggregateOffer, OfferForLease, OfferForPurchase