A grant, typically financial or otherwise quantifiable, of resources. Typically a funder sponsors some MonetaryAmount to an Organization or Person,
sometimes not necessarily via a dedicated or long-lived Project, resulting in one or more outputs, or fundedItems. For financial sponsorship, indicate the funder of a MonetaryGrant. For non-financial support, indicate sponsor of Grants of resources (e.g. office space).

Grants support activities directed towards some agreed collective goals, often but not always organized as Projects. Long-lived projects are sometimes sponsored by a variety of grants over time, but it is also common for a project to be associated with a single grant.

The amount of a Grant is represented using amount as a MonetaryAmount.

IntangibleadditionalType, alternateName, description, disambiguatingDescription, fundedItem, identifier, image, mainEntityOfPage, name, potentialAction, sameAs, sponsor, subjectOf, urlMonetaryGrant