A FloorPlan is an explicit representation of a collection of similar accommodations, allowing the provision of common information (room counts, sizes, layout diagrams) and offers for rental or sale. In typical use, some ApartmentComplex has an accommodationFloorPlan which is a FloorPlan. A FloorPlan is always in the context of a particular place, either a larger ApartmentComplex or a single Apartment. The visual/spatial aspects of a floor plan (i.e. room layout, see wikipedia) can be indicated using image.IntangibleadditionalType, alternateName, amenityFeature, description, disambiguatingDescription, floorSize, identifier, image, isPlanForApartment, layoutImage, mainEntityOfPage, name, numberOfAccommodationUnits, numberOfAvailableAccommodationUnits, numberOfBathroomsTotal, numberOfBedrooms, numberOfFullBathrooms, numberOfPartialBathrooms, numberOfRooms, petsAllowed, potentialAction, sameAs, subjectOf, url