An EndorsementRating is a rating that expresses some level of endorsement, for example inclusion in a “critic’s pick” blog, a
“Like” or “+1” on a social network. It can be considered the result of an EndorseAction in which the object of the action is rated positively by
some agent. As is common elsewhere in, it is sometimes more useful to describe the results of such an action without explicitly describing the Action.

An EndorsementRating may be part of a numeric scale or organized system, but this is not required: having an explicit type for indicating a positive,
endorsement rating is particularly useful in the absence of numeric scales as it helps consumers understand that the rating is broadly positive.

RatingadditionalType, alternateName, author, bestRating, description, disambiguatingDescription, identifier, image, mainEntityOfPage, name, potentialAction, ratingExplanation, ratingValue, reviewAspect, sameAs, subjectOf, url, worstRating