A program offered by an institution which determines the learning progress to achieve an outcome, usually a credential like a degree or certificate. This would define a discrete set of opportunities (e.g., job, courses) that together constitute a program with a clear start, end, set of requirements, and transition to a new occupational opportunity (e.g., a job), or sometimes a higher educational opportunity (e.g., an advanced degree).IntangibleadditionalType, alternateName, applicationDeadline, applicationStartDate, dayOfWeek, description, disambiguatingDescription, educationalCredentialAwarded, educationalProgramMode, endDate, financialAidEligible, hasCourse, identifier, image, mainEntityOfPage, maximumEnrollment, name, numberOfCredits, occupationalCategory, occupationalCredentialAwarded, offers, potentialAction, programPrerequisites, programType, provider, salaryUponCompletion, sameAs, startDate, subjectOf, termDuration, termsPerYear, timeOfDay, timeToComplete, trainingSalary, typicalCreditsPerTerm, urlWorkBasedProgram