An action performed by a direct agent and indirect participants upon a direct object. Optionally happens at a location with the help of an inanimate instrument. The execution of the action may produce a result. Specific action sub-type documentation specifies the exact expectation of each argument/role.

See also blog post and Actions overview document.

ThingactionStatus, additionalType, agent, alternateName, description, disambiguatingDescription, endTime, error, identifier, image, instrument, location, mainEntityOfPage, name, object, participant, potentialAction, result, sameAs, startTime, subjectOf, target, urlAchieveAction, AssessAction, ConsumeAction, ControlAction, CreateAction, FindAction, InteractAction, MoveAction, OrganizeAction, PlayAction, SearchAction, SeekToAction, SolveMathAction, TradeAction, TransferAction, UpdateAction