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Hi. I’m Shay.
Driven by my constant curiosity for more efficient ways to solve problems,I dove in to learning all angles of digital marketing through a hands-on approach.Having worked for years at marketing agencies, I not only perfected my marketing skills – coding, branding, SEO, local market research, but saw that there’s a better way to create lasting online visibility.
I take my job seriously and value a solid working relationship, but you’ll also find I’m a laid- back guy who enjoys a good joke as much as I do tinkering with tech. Problem Solver. Tech Lover. Family is my anchor, so when I’m not expanding businesses through tech, I’m dedicated to having fun and creating memories with my wife, our two young children, and our extended family. You’ll find us out at community events, enjoying local food, going to the movies, and exploring all the beautiful nature that Morehead City offers. I look forward to meeting you and helping you get you the business results you seek. – Shay Ohayon CEO & Founder