Schemaster is a web-based software tool that allows anyone to check their competitors on Google by keyword search and see which structured data the ranking websites are using, copy it, clean it, and use it in the form of a JSON-LD code.

How it works:

Is Schemaster a web based tool or do i have to download the software?

Schemaster is completely browser-based and can work on any modern browser an d device

What plans are available for Schemaster?
searches per month
How many searches do i have per week or month?

All accounts start with 300 monthly searches, but if you need any more searches, please feel free to contact me via the contact form

Where can i see my keywords searches history?

there are two places where you could see your searches in your account area:
1."search history" you could click on individual keyword or on the search country to see all the keywords that were searched at that time.
2."results database" where you could search and sort through the data.